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We're see you later!

My sister's mother-in-law speaks an English variant I've never experienced. It's full of little idiosyncrasies like the one in the title. I'm told this woman always replaces we'll with we're, and I made my sister think of other examples. She came up with We're see you there! or We're just have to buy more.

I really want to talk to the mother-in-law in person, but I'm also told that she's shy if she thinks people are being critical of her language. My sister says she's stupid (and equates stupid with lack of education), but like a good apprentice linguist I keep reminding her that just because someone speaks differently from you doesn't mean they're stupid.

And then I remind her of her distinct Utah accent. She denies having one of course.


Linguists Love to Party

My university just opened what they call the Center for American Indian Languages (CAIL) thanks to the efforts of current faculty and Dr. Lyle Campbell one of our new professors.

The stated purpose of CAIL is:

1 Working with community members, where languages and cultures are endagered, towards linguistic and cultural revitalization

2 Urgent and ambitious research on the endanged languages of Native America

3 Training students to address scholarly and practical needs involving these languages and their communities of speakers(and those whose heritage languages are involved)

The university also had its Fourth Annual Student Conference in Linguistics this Thurday. I'd never been to anything like it, so it was really interesting to me, and they fed us all day long

Also, my wife had our second child on Tuesday. I have two daughters now, but it's almost like one is an extension of the other. Like the whole process of having the first one never stopped.


"...the best format for music EVER"

Someone here somehow had the wacky idea to write up song lyrics as nested bullet lists and it totally took off.
I think collectively the users of LiveJournal have now archived all popular music written in the 20th century, because there are over 25 pages of comments each with at least one song written in this new format.

Here's the song originally posted:

  • Things I ain't afraid of:
    • no ghost

  • Strange things in the neighbourhood (partial list):
    • seeing things running through head
    • invisible man sleeping in bed

  • Things that make me feel good:
    • bustin'

  • Who you gonna call:
    • Ghostbusters
    • I can't hear you
    • Louder

Here's my favorite:

  • The problem:
    • too much technology
  • Machines:
    • save our lives
    • dehumanize
  • I am:
    • just a man
    • the modern man
    • Kilroy!
  • I am not:
    • a robot without emotions
    • what you see
    • a hero
    • a saviour
  • I've got:
    • a secret
    • a human heart
    • boiling blood
    • an IBM brain
  • I need:
    • someone
    • somewhere to hide
    • control
  • I want:
    • to thank you [Mr. Roboto]

School and Babies

I just finished my Intermediate Syntax midterm exam. On a basic level it was about the difference between an ECM construction (or raising, or whatever you want to call it) and a control construction, a concept that happens to be something I wasn't exceptionally good at--until this last week.

I'm not saying I'm mister-syntax-d00d, because I know you were thinking that, but I feel like some things really fell in to place for me because of this test.

Oh yeah, my wife went in to labor with our second child this afternoon too.